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The 3 Key Elements Of A Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy for small business | Brisbane Marketing Consulting

When I begin working with a new client the first thing I do is to review whether they have the marketing essentials in place. I put myself in the shoes of their target customer and see how easy it is to find out about their business.

For me, a key area of marketing strategy that is frequently missing in small businesses is a well-thought through digital marketing plan. No matter how small the business, doing some digital marketing almost always yields benefits.

In my experience many small business owners are put off 'digital marketing' for a few reasons:

  • They believe it will be cost-prohibitive - it won't!

  • They don't believe it will deliver any significant results - it will!

  • They are put off by the jargon and terminology associated with it - don't be!

The reality really is quite different and the for me the process can be simplified into 3 key steps:

Set Up A Website

This is the very first thing I usually suggest to clients. No matter how small your business, a simple website can make a huge difference in helping potential clients find your business and decide to take the next step

There are so many different options available now that it really doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. And gone are the days of needing a web developer to make simple changes and add new content. You really don't need to be very technical to manage your own website.

Set Up A Social Media Presence

Once you've set up your website, you need people to visit it! One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a social media presence. Again, with some basic understanding of your target customer, this is so easy to do.

Marketing has changed a lot in recent years and the concept of the 'hard sell' has evolved! Nowadays it's much more effective to 'earn' the attention of potential customers. Telling your 'story' through social media can be such an effective means of doing this. You're then ready for the next step....

Set Up A Blog

A blog is another great way to drive traffic to your website while at the same time giving your clients and potential clients valuable information about topics that they may need help with.

It's important to remember that your blog shouldn't be seen purely as a means to sell your product or service. In fact, trying to sell to someone, the minute they start reading your blog is likely to turn them off.

Instead, focus on putting yourself in the shoes of your target customers and give them something that they will find both interesting and useful. It's also a great way to set you apart from your competition!

There are heaps of other tools available in your digital marketing toolkit but if you start with these basics you'll be well on your way to building a half-decent digital marketing strategy!

If you need help making a start with your website or any aspect of digital marketing, don't hesitate to register for a free 30 minute consultation give me a call on 0478 042536 or email me:

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