Marketing Communications

Your business marketing communications encompass, among other things, your:

  • Branding:
    Put simply this means establishing a unique image of your business in your customers mind.

  • Positioning:
    This is how you are perceived in the mind of your customer relative to your competitors.

  • Messaging:
    This ties back to your brand and describes the consistent way you talk to you customers and prospects about why you exist and why they should choose you.

There are many tools and channels used in modern marketing communications such as:


At BSB Marketing we can help you get the essentials of branding, positioning and messaging right and then help you develop a marketing communications plan that fits the core objectives of your business whether that be building your profile in a particular market or driving new leads and growing your customer base.

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Marketing Communications are at the heart of all of your businesses marketing efforts and in it’s loosest form means all the messages and the media you use to communicate with your clients and prospects.